UKC: It’s Not Made Of Cardboard

…. was the answer to Mike Robinson asking about the F-35 pictured behind Defence Prefect Gav the Chav. Comics and cardboard cut-out UK military? Scottish government hypocrisy? Mike again asks who is Andy Pryce, but the news that really upsets is that Sabine McNeil has been sentenced to 9 years. Jesus.


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UK Column News – 11th January 2019


Pre show chat box:
Belinda McKenzie in Southwark Crown Court this morning on Contempt of Court charge.

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Gav Williams in a hangar
Project Centurion

Cardboard cut out aircraft?

9 aircraft to dominate the skies….

What was a joke by Mike turns out to be near the truth. Is it a real aircraft?

Comics & Cut-Outs

Dearlove & Guthrie

I was listening to this yesterday, discussion about Charles Guthrie & 9/11

Alex Salmond

Some one leaked to the press to take down Salmond. Nippy Sturgeon?
Leslie Evans took advise: I don’t care, get lost!

Scottish Police Solved Cases = if they think they know who did it, but there is no evidence.

Probation for assault to 5 children

Sabine McNeil got 9 years

Jaguar Land Rover

Mark Sedwill
A World Reorder

Think Tanks and groups making policy behind closed doors
Centrally state controlled one world order

Integrity Initiatve
Andy Pryce

The use of national security to deny Freedom of Information

Anna Soubry


UK Column News – 11th January 2019


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UKC: Snowflake Minister For War

UKC: Snowflake Minister For War


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