UKC: Faux Brexit

The chaos continues….. planned chaos, creative destruction by design.

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UK Column News – 21th January 2019


Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Theresa’s Plan B
A mess. The gift that keeps on giving

Lord Attllee
Commons Library …the views of the EU27 on Brexit

NATO is a protection racket on behalf of international defence strategy
Now we’re seeing the Morgenthau plan being implemented

Our ‘peer opponent’ is Russia…
‘tripwires’ are hidden by design – just like military unification

Whose flag is it anyway?
No Union flag in sight!

Faux Brexit….

France: Gilets Jaunes: €U (foreign) gendarmerie

Tebbit: “They will attempt to use this internally as well as externally.”

Italy vs. France

€U pegged African currency…

Sanctions on France?!

Italy talks bank reform and challenging €U banking system
Italy calls for public bank, The Glass–Steagall

Greek unrest

Syria. Israel once again attacking Damascus… excuse: Iranian interests in Syria

US arrest high profile Iranian journalist

Yeah Cynthia McKinney said this is pretty horrific, physical assault and psychological bullying. Off the scale

Fake News The Daily Fail BuzzFeed


UK Column News – 21th January 2019


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UKC: Targeted Engagement


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