UKC: Armes Non Mortelles

State sanctioned violence is apparently now de rigueur in France; the tools of force are non lethal and the BBC reporting non too.

UK Column News – 25th January 2019

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Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Yellow vest violence
Disproportional Context?
Injury, death? Where?

Empathy? Nothing to see here….

Defence Bullets
Armoured press
CS gas powder form
Rubber Bullets
Tear gas
Pepper spray
Water cannon

so much for “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”! ….

Non Lethal Weapons.

France Israeli police training collaboration
State sanctioned violence

Alex Salmond
secret court
all very political
reporting restrictions?

We know that Dame Elish Angiolini, the former Lord Advocate, “has the dirt” on Salmond. She is now ensconced at Oxford.
The “dirt” in question may be this or may relate to other ScotGov secrets, such as Lockerbie investigation cover-ups.

Chinook helicopter crash 1994
This Chinook crash forced GCHQ to admit they had a huge section working on Northern Ireland. Serving GCHQ officers were ordered at the time not to talk about her at all. We had a plaque to her memory in the GCHQ building.

Petition taken down….

More Integrity Initiative… document release

Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative

Chris Donnelly Andy Pryce Alex Finnan? Foreign & Commonwealth Office?


Gobshite Mercer MP

UK Column News – 25th January 2019

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