UK Vast Majority Want €U Out ASAP!

…. mean while, even Jacob Rees-Mogg apparently has a price.

Bloke In A Field

Cris-crossed morning sky of aircraft trails….
Bill Gates and Harvard at work? Geo-engineering?
The Royal Society and global cooling?

Keeping global warming to 1.5°C

Too Much Chaos For The Establishment?
Corbyn has undermined his own prospects by calling for a 2nd Referendum

US organic labeling standards allow 10% contamination
€urope = 0.16%
UK does not have enough civil servants to rubber stamp €U legislation
The €U Communities Act: €U has supremacy over UK legislation
Parliament has been a charade since 1972
Out of chaos comes creativity

Rees-Mogg does a U-turn
Jacob Rees-Mogg says backing Theresa May is BETTER than LOSING Brexit

Ellesmere Point hearing with Brian Cook the IGas ‘pay roll’ boy

5 years ago IGas £28.20 stock price
Today £0.81 !

Liverpool Supporter Action Group! Check out….
Hillsborough trial: David Duckenfield ‘singled out unfairly’
Should be looking at Walter Jackson – assistant chief constable, operations

Follow The Facts


Welcome To The TREADMILL of CHAOS ..


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Share: Hillsborough Ripple Effect

Share: Hillsborough Ripple Effect


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