Theresa’s Brilliant Screw-Up Job

Bloke In A Field

1972 €uropean Communities Act = Treason
2022 all nation states would cease to exist as per the Lisbon Treaty
National Parliaments effectively to become local councils.

US corporatocracy want to get their hands on oil reserves
The loose cannon that is Bullshit Bolton

Last year elections Maduro polled 67.8% of the vote
Yet, outside interests recognise Juan Guaidó:

Intellectual imbecile Jeremy Hunt doesn’t know what he’s talking about….
Bolton: restore democracy in Venezuela…. would that be interfere John?!
2000 Bush, Gore, Florida?

Theresa May’s job description: screw it up!
Macron popularity now about 28% ?

Describe how the €U legislative process works
What is the relationship between the €U Commission and Parliament?
What s the Cuddenhove-Kalergi plan?
Is Savij Chavinch desperate for the Cuddenhove-Kalergi award? Unfettered migration until 2022?

British Council recruiting young men in sub-Sahara Africa: the streets of London are paved with gold!

40 odd referenda in the €U? The €U just ignore it all….




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Duplicitous MP’s e.g. Yvette Cooper

Duplicitous MPs e.g. Yvette Cooper


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