No more Britex, Brexit. It’s EUEX from hereon.

First Venezuela.  What’s going on there?

Since Chavez passed away, the US has been hoping to establish a puppet government to get their hands on the Venezuelan oil reserves which are the largest on the planet.  The largest producing area is Lake ……,  where John Bolton the Deep State’s man in Trump’s administration has designs.

Maduro got 67% of the vote, an overwhelming majority in the Venezuelan elections.  Bolton has decided to put pressure on Venezuela by declaring the head of the National Assembly who is unelected, as the President.  Bolton says he wants top restore democracy.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A prelude to a military attack is aways ‘saving democracy’.  Maduro is 100% democratically elected so it’s bullshit, Bolton.  It’s oil.  It’s Iraq.  It’s greed.  It’s the USA.  Wait for the WMD falsehoods to start filling the media.

By trying to focus people onto Venezuela, May is trying to hide her own discomfiture.


May was put into the job to deliberately screw up the exit negotiations from the EU.  Great job,  Theresa. Parliament is trying to hamstring negotiations by removing the ‘No Deal’ option.  What’s to happen?  It’s anyone’s call.  Macron is using Brexit chaos to deflect attention from the Gilets Jaunes in France, and the terrible things being done to them by the French Police.

British parliament for 47 years has been money for nothing for MPs plus expenses.  They have made no decisions or handled any responsibility.  All laws were made in Brussels.  They use the Brussels excuse for everything that crops up.


Unfettered migration is the Pan Europa agenda – undermining European nation states and their culture through mass migration.  Kalergi plan.


People must participate in the political process in the UK.   90% of the people won’t get involved.  Yet there are 10% of the people who will participate.  Even 5% would be plenty enough to overwhelm the government’s resources, and the media’s resources.  Who are you putting into Parliament?   Non-voting helps the Tories.  You are voting by not voting.  If you don’t vote, what else can you do?  See the gilets jaunes in France as to what people can do.  The future will be decided in the next few months.  Failure to participate now is a massive mistake.  Get active now.

The EU will be/is now a totalitarian martial law state.  No freedom of any kind left.

AV10 coming up.  Danish politician will be speaking a former banker who has seen the light.  JFK21 will be fielding candidates in the Danish elections.  He now now sees the damage of rampant corporatocracy.  Two more days at £169 a ticket.  Come along.


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