The Common Purpose Of The Police

The English Diversity Police
By Sargon of Akkad

What else do we expect from a police force that includes Common Purpose trained London Met Police boss Crysister Dick?

“Are you allowed to say Dick?” enquired Ayşe.
“It’s her name,” replied Arther.
Ayşe: “Is there a Mr. Dick?”
Arther: “No, only a Mrs. Dick.”
Ayşe: “It is funny, isn’t it? Her being a Dick? I know it isn’t supposed to be, but it is, funny.”
Arther couldn’t resist, “Gender neutral denier!”



3 Responses to “The Common Purpose Of The Police”

  1. Cobalt says:

    Try attending a Common Purpose course.

    3 days of utter brainwashing cr@p focussing on ‘identifying’ the next ‘leaders’ on a ‘course’ paid for by the corporation you work for. It’s horrible.

    That could be the Police, Social Services, Politicians, Counicl workers… etc.

    I’ve emphasized in capitals deliberately as this is what they want their ‘graduates’ to be… important.


  2. Tapestry says:

    Searching for psychopaths willing to expropriate and kill. Leadership to hell. Common Purpose has only one purpose to destroy. Humanity must work for contentment. This is our enemy.

    • Mr Dude says:

      Well said Tap, and Happy New Year.

      This IS our enemy. But there IS a paper trail for their malfeasance and they SHALL be rooted out and brought to book, these careerist traitorous scum.

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