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Hillsborough trial: David Duckenfield ‘singled out unfairly’

Hillsborough trial: police chief unfairly singled out, court told

Why does he remain silent?
Tony Farrell….
Farrell concluded terrorism was more likely to come from rogue influence within the UK security services rather Islam
7/7 could not have been perpetrated by the 4 alleged Muslims
Sources within South Yorkshire Police said Hillsborough was a massive cover up.

A contrived event that got out of hand…. to enable all-seater stadia
Liverpool chosen because of Heysel Stadium event.

Minor human sacrifice?

A closer look should be toward…
Peter Wright – chief constable
Peter Hayes – deputy chief constable
Walter Jackson – assistant chief constable, operations
Peter Metcalf – force solicitor

Preston Crown Court show case cover up?

Andy Burnham MP deserves credit
However, 2012 inquiry was a white wash…

State corporate collusion along with state enforcement officers
‘Secret’ fraternities control an event e.g. freemasonry, Common Purpose
Who knows what
Who says what
Who chairs….?

Ground up pressure: share!


HILLSBOROUGH … A Masonic Ritual Driven By Greed?


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