Ryan Dawson 9/11 Challenge To Joe Rogan

I remember watching / listening to this ‘young kid’ over 10 years ago while based in Istanbul. He’s about 40, still at it and among my favourite commentators. He does come across as a smart arse and I’ve seen little evidence to suggest he is not smart. I understand he is a martial arts expert and champion, educated in history, philosophy and politics. His friends appear to include Gilad Atzmon and he is a huge advocate of the late Michael Collins Piper. Ryan seems to ruffle the feathers of many, irritates many and can be harsh in his comments on others. His commentary on Syria has been accurate. As he says, he holds nuanced views.

I thought a missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11 because of various videos, photos and commentators. I have revised my opinion and tend to trust Ryan Dawson’s take on the event. Ryan wants to be invited onto the Joe Rogan Show to discuss 9/11. I too would like to see that happen.


911 Research for Grown Ups




Ryan is friends with Eddie Bravo who is friends with Joe Rogan, but thus far no invite has been issued by Rogan to Dawson.

Joe Rogan – Eddie Bravo On 9/11 Conspiracy – UFC


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