Je Suis Gilets Jaunes!

Bloke In A Field

Climate change? Geo engineering?

Chaos and trauma induction!
BBC: one of the most outrageous propaganda outlets on the planet
France? News? Reporting?

Christophe Dettinger: Boxer surrenders after clash with riot police in Paris

I am a gilets jaunes!
Boycott the supermarkets. Support local farmer’s markets.
French government shut down Christophe Dettinger’s crowd funding.
Marrakesh open door migration treaty… non binding, but governments have committed to it…. nothing in the UK press.

Heathrow drone! Go to story to cover any airport failure: systems failure, baggage handling failure, check-in systems failure, air traffic control systems failure… why admit incompetence when you can blame it on a drone?
Who has the most to gain by creating this BS?

Mark Steele, 5G, LED street lights….

How indoor lights can leave you suffering ‘JET LAG’: A bright home can trick your body clock and leave you feeling tired and groggy, experts say

Gateshead seeking to jail Steele for his campaign.

Anti-fracking campaigner Tom Burke passed away….

David Noakes remains in Wandsworth prison…
Never underestimate the power of sowing a seed.


2019 … Let The CHAOS Commence



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