James Brokenshire. Brian Cook? Recuse!

Rejection among chaos…. opportunities galore.

Bloke In A Field

Chaos is brilliant!…. when we drive it, not them.
May’s deal was a diplomatic agreement to convince the public while not leaving the €U at all.
432 vs. 202
It doesn’t matter who is in No: 10…. lack of autonomy as Prime Minister
Current system of mind control is floored…. globalist pay masters

Fracking: AJ Lucas stock down to 18c
Anti-fracking campaign demonstrated ho chaos can confuse the government
IGas planning inquiry…. Ellesmere Port well, planning inspector Brian Cook, admitted the Eversheds’ solicitor was a former colleague. Brian Cook needs to recuse himself as inspector of this case….
Date set for Ellesmere Port inquiry

Has Communities Secretary James Brokenshire been informed?

D-Notice on extreme behaviour in France.
French culture and country being ripped from them….

It only takes about 3% to bring about real change.



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Ask About 5G. Risk Incarceration.


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