IQ Is Not The Be All & End All

I’ve recently observed the emergence of the argument and debate around IQ and genes determining a successful nation and or even race or tribe. My gut feeling says nonsense… however, I confess to being entertained as various views argue that one creed or colour tone of people might have higher IQ than another. The entertainment comes when some parties dissolve into a puddle of being offended at such ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ opinion. I do observe the ‘white race’, perhaps the ‘Christian culture’, being under a form of cultural attack, though many will think this an absurd conclusion. I would reference the Cuddenhove-Kalergi plan to you. But, that does not mean there is an IQ difference that makes such a difference in success or no of a community. Indeed, arseholes appear to come in all shapes, sizes, genders, colours and creeds; indeed, arseholes come in all levels of IQ.

Ryan suggests….
The IQ argument is to force shitlibs to make a better argument which many of them can’t because they also dont understand economics or culture. Thus they resort to their classic just yell Nazi defense.


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