Icke Talks 5G

Is it true Israel is not implementing 5G? Why?

David ıcke references Ian R. Crane’s mate Mark Steel…. there is criticism and finger pointing within the alternative media community, so it is to be welcomed that Icke, Crane, Steel, the UK Column are all singing from the same song sheet: we must address 5G:

5G – War on Humanity – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    It is a big threat for sure. Ian Crane is right. Now that fracking is all but defeated then 5G must be the next target. The threat to us all is significant.

    Read this if you are not aware. There are plenty of informative links:

    Can’t do any harm to sign it either.

    The lack of knowledge in the general public is alarming. More so given the younger generations obsession with their devices. They are so sold that it will be difficult to get through to them I fear

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