Hillsborough. The crime and the cover-up.

This topic cropped up in Ian Crane’s latest Humanity Versus Insanity.

He reveals what he knows from speaking to South Yorkshire Police officers who’ve told what they know.

Muad Dib produced the Hillsborough Ripple Effect video.

Hillsborough was a contrived event that got out of hand.  The purpose was to create a sufficient groundswell amongst the British public to stop resisting the conversion of the terraces to seated stadia.  There was only the intention to create one or two deaths/injuries.  Liverpool were selected following events in Heisel.

The event was created with the connivance of the Police.  David Duckenfield is now on trial.  He was promoted just nineteen days before the Hillsborough disaster.   He would probably not have been involved in the plot, just the unfortunate person appointed.  Watch the documentary showing the connections of all the people involved in planning the disaster and then in maintaining the cover-up.

Freemasonry is the network which made this possible.  You could not rise above the rank of Sergeant in the Police unless you were on the Square.  Was Hillsborough a ritual?  If you create the sacrifice you are rewarded financially.  The Chief Constable and the Deputy Chief Constable and the Solicitor should be looked at but they are not on trial.  Duckenfield, who is on trial, is keeping his mouth shut in Preston Crown Court, creating a showcase trial to satisfy the relatives of the 96 killed in 1989, and the British public.  Andy Burnham Mayor of Manchester pushed through the enquiry, which was a whitewash like all public enquiries.  There needs to be public pressure to get the Hillsborough criminals exposed and put on trial.

The full episode of Humanity vs Insanity is below –


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