EUEX – why the panic?

The idea is to create as much excuse for financial manipulation as they can.

If they cannot stop EUEX, they can make money from it.

I don’t know if the Pound will rise or fall, but it will move.

The date 29th Match is an odd one.  Why not the 31st March?  Or April 5th – the end of the financial year?

The numbers 29.3.2019 add up to 8 (via 53).  That number suggest a Freemasonic operation.

Will Euex be used as the excuse to push markets all over the place and the insiders can make their usual killing?

Will the Pound rise or fall?  I don’t know.  Stock markets?

That’s the only reason they put this much effort into creating political theatre on the scale we are seeing.

To make money.



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