Brits no longer trust the media.

Drone story at Gatwick has opened up many minds to the fact that news is a deception.

2019 to be the year of mega chaos.

Buy a high vis vest (with cash of course)!  The time might come to copy les gilets jaunes – if, for example, the government dumps on BREXIT.

Each January something seems to arrive in the media – page 24 of Daily Mail January 1st – up to £2.5 million offer per annum to make your town a nuclear dustbin.

100’s of tons need to be stored underground – enough to fill three quarters of Wembley Stadium, costing billions of Pounds.

It will take ten years to build but will need to be kept safe for 200,000 years….

Are there any towns populated by people dumb enough to sacrifice their children for cash?  Let’s see……..


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