BREXIT 60 days to go this weekend. Atmosphere in London reaching fever pitch.

29th March is just two months away.

One of those months is the shortest month – February – 28 days.

Add that to 28 days in March, taking us to the 29th March, Britain’s Independence Day.

As of Monday morning Brexit has 60 days to go.

Atmosphere in London is reaching fever pitch.

In economic news: As the Remain campaign ramps up its efforts to spread fear about massive tailbacks at Calais and sudden increases in tariffs in the event of No Deal, it emerges the WTO provides the means for an interim trade arrangement retaining preferential access to each other’s markets until a permanent arrangement can be agreed. Read Leave.EU’s examination of Article 24 here and a rundown of leaving on WTO terms here.

Also in the economy update, the boss of the port of Calais says he “will be ready for no deal”, to believe otherwise (as Remainers persistently do), is “shocking” and “disrespectful”.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern declares its “quality, not quantity”, a direct riposte to those who lust over the EU’s larger, yet declining market.

On top of all that are the usual good news statistics: employment is up, wages are up against low inflation, confidence among hiring managers is also up. Britain remains head and shoulders above the rest of Europe for investment, receiving more than France and Germany combined. Brexit is considered an afterthought against all the huge advantages of doing business in Britain, and the relative weakness of continental Europe.



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