Betting money says BRITEX will happen on 29th March 2019


Overnight I have been amongst a number of punters betting on the Betfair Brexit market that the UK WILL leave the EU on March 29th.

The Tweet exchange at the top between Phil Collins of the Times and YouGov’s Marcus Roberts sums up simply the reasoning. Essentially TMay’s long term strategy of getting her deal through could succeed because it becomes the only option on the table.

Her trip to Brussels is not likely to produce the change that the ERG were seeking but she was seen to have acknowledged their argument and was at least trying.

As the chart shows the punters had pushed the chances of the March 29th date being met down to a 18% chance late yesterday afternoon. Then, as the impact of the series of Commons votes was assimilated, the price edged up to 28% where, in my view, it remains value

The great thing about exchange betting on a busy liquid market like this is that you can change your position quickly if you see things moving.

29.3.2019 = 8. (29+3+2+19 = 53.  5 + 3 = 8)

8 is the same old same old occult number signifying trouble of some kind or another.  Octavian (8th).  Augustus (8th month).

Little do they know that many numbers like 8 have an occult meaning attached to them. For example, the Tower of Belus in Babylon is made of eight square towers.  From The Gnostic Warr



3 Responses to “Betting money says BRITEX will happen on 29th March 2019”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    I know someone who made nearly 30k last year betting on politics he reckons it’s money for old rope.

    Inspired by that, i slapped a fairly sizeable bet down on Corbyn for next PM with no time limit. I got 11/2 he’s now at 4/1 and still favourite.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. NPP says:

    The BBC tell me report the government are not ready….. no, really?!
    The fear is everyday. If we go out 29 March, the BBC will go into meltdown. Just last night Labour Owen Jones said there was no way we could Leave No Deal, but then Owen is an MP and knows diddly squat.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The idea is to create as much excuse for financial manipulation as they can. If they cannot stop EUEX, they can make money from it. I don’t know if the Pound will rise or fall, but it will move.

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