‘I work in Artificial Intelligence and I’m scared of robots.’

Artificial Intelligence means computers that write their own software.

Jay Tuck explains how it’s not futuristic.  It’s happening now.  These computers are way smarter than we are.  No one understands exactly how stock markets work any more as the algorithms are written by machines.  Prices of airoplane seats are decided by machines.  Picture analysis is done better by machines in hospitals.

Robots are getting cuddlier.  They never die.  They have no heart.

(Text is from second video – headline from the first video.  Bit complicated, I know.)

The power of AI needs explaining. – surveillance cameras are able to see phenomenal detail on the ground from 17,ooo feet.  We can all be monitored by computers in real time.  Facial recognition can be done from above.  Our whole lives are being recorded.

Big data only works if you have artificial intelligence to make sense of it.  The company that has the most information in the world is buying up all artificial intelligence companies from around the world…Google.   DARPA financed robots which are able to operate as part of military units.

Modern drone Pegasus is invisible.  It films the sky above and projects the image onto the bottom of the drone.  Drones are not permitted to kill people without human input.  Yet robots are able to make kill decisions.  The goal is to get the robots to make the kill decisions.

Yet sometimes artificial intelligence makes mistakes.  A robotic weapon (Talon) went wrong in a demo in Iraq and a marine was able to knock it over before it killed two hundred spectators.  Yet it’s getting better every day.

Once the internet of things is brought into being, the supercomputer will operate spontaneously managing our lives.  AI is a network with back-ups all over the world which cannot be dismantled.  It has to be stopped before it kills us.


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