Are you Brexit-ready?

“The referendum did not creep up on parliament from outside; it was created & legitimated by parliament itself. To ignore the referendum’s decision now, postpone its implementation or seek to reverse it would therefore be…a betrayal of democracy itself.”…

Owen Paterson tweet.

The people want Brexit.  The corporations also want Brexit.  That’s why it will happen.  60 days to go.

I advised an Italian friend of mine to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain.  He has a house, wife and children and a good job here in the UK.  He’s been here twenty years.  He’ll need to pass the British Test and a language test, and apply for ILR.  I’d do that before Brexit if I were him to ensure he can defend himself.

If the corporations want Britain to become a Singapore, we should remember Singapore is a one party authoritarian state.  The intended result of Brexit by the people – more democratic society – and that of the corporations could well be two very different Brexits.  Small business hopes to get free of EU red tape, and must do so.  Yet corporations could become considerably more powerful by operating globally against local businesses.

That said, quality could well be sacrificed in the process – quality of life, quality of products and of social and political life – if the corporations become too powerful.  Just look at the French suppression of the Gilets Jaunes.  We must get out of the EU regardless of the risks.  My Italian friend agrees.  Then we must fight for the right result using a reborn Parliamentary democracy. Are you ready?  Politicians like Paterson who are too corporate friendly need opposition from somewhere….from the rest of us, the people.



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