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Ryan Dawson and Andrew Illingworth chew the cud on a number of subjects. I do wonder who has the time to listen to this stuff other than artists who draw and paint while doing so? Ryan’s comments on 9/11 are particularly interesting. Their derogatory sneering about 21st Century Wire is perplexing. A Communist Russian financed platform? Really? I’d love to see a chat between Ryan, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley. It is enough having the waters muddied by the BBC, but a little clarity among journalists and commentators I like would be welcome too.

141 mins….
Get away from Richard Gage Fetzer Alex Jones circus clowns….
A plane did hit the Pentagon
Flight 77 DNA was collected from crash site and is at Walter Reed now.
Flight 93 was NOT shot down. It crashed.
205 mins….
What’s your opinion on 21st Century Wire?
Uncomfortable answers from Ryan and Andrew
215 mins….
243 mins….
1% of US electricity is generated by oil
258 mins….
Goal of RFK: register ZOA, AIPAC as foreign agent
301 mins….
SS Patria killed 55 Britsh sailors…. Palestinian fishermen rescued Jews



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