What Is The Integrity Initiative?

Well, it is described here:
Expanded upon here:
Half a League Onwards: A glimpse of the policy protocols of the Integrity Initiative


UKC first addressed it 30 Nov:

… a disused building registered as a government business concern? Apparently.

It is referenced on David Icke’s website:
British minister ‘misled Parliament’ over state-funded NGO ‘smearing’ Corbyn, Labour MP says
… but, David never references UK Column; perhaps because his buddy Richie Allen refers to UKC as ‘goons’ down on the south coats; not proper journalists like Richie.

The UK Column broke this story. Watch this space….

What is the Integrity Initiative? A short briefing paper

1. The Integrity initiative is part of a UK Government counter-disinformation and media development Programme.

2. The Counter-Disinformation and Media Development Programme is run primarily by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in consultation with the Ministry of Defence, but it was authorised by the National Security Council, the recently-launched Cabinet committee that oversees all national security matters.

3. Integrity Initiative was founded by the Institute for Statecraft, a Scottish-registered charity with official headquarters in a disused mill in Fife. The Initiative’s ‘UK Cluster’ members were recently disclosed to include several journalists (Times and other titles), several MoD heavyweights, and several former/current FCO researchers of former Soviet republics whose reputation is based on their supposed impartiality as British Civil Service country specialists.

4. The directors of the Institute for Statecraft include Chris Donnelly, who has advised four Secretaries-General of NATO and past and current Chiefs of the Defence Staff. He has held appointments as Specialist Adviser to three UK Defence Secretaries (both Labour and Conservative) and was a member of PM Thatcher’s Soviet affairs advisory team. He has also served as Specialist Adviser on the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee and is a Specialist Adviser to the Defence Committee. In short, Mr Donnelly is hugely influential in shaping Western top-level strategic thinking.

5. The ethos espoused by Chris Donnelly is reflected in top-level policy statements issued across the Western nations; it may be summarised as follows:



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