Viva Les Yellow Protests!

Viva les gilets jaunes!

Bloke Not In A Field

The Rolls Building
The Royal Courts of Justice Commercial Courts aka City Of London Courts
Challenging Igas injunction which intends to prevent any form of protest against fracking.
Challenging legislation hich enables the corporations to do as they like.
They tried to coral protestors into a ‘free speech’ zone.
Paris protests about a lot more than just fuel tax.
€U = a corporate communitarian agenda
Encourage grass roots activism.
Farmer’s markets in France have nurtured protest.
Marrakesh Accord?
Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration to Be Adopted at High-Level Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, 10-11 December:
French CRS

Macron: nationalism = racism

Next target: MHRA


HUMANITY vs CORPORATOCRACY – Once Again … Into the Fray!



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