UKC: Merry Xmas Syria!

Trump is pulling US troops out of Syria! What fabulous Xmas news…. will the BBC report positively on such a development? Of course, not. Trump is a sexist, xenophobic, all round horrid orange marmalade skinned bully whom BBC John Soapytail and the rest detest and that’s that. The prejudice is blatant.

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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Vanessa Beeley with today’s news update from the UK Column:

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I dead 9 injured in Germany bus stop rammed apparently

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Trump withdraws troops!

Mad Dog Matis leaves….

I Trump tweet and chaos!
Throws a spanner in the works of years of neo-con planning?
Kurds have to negotiate with Damascus.

White Helmets via Jordan?

White Helmet organ trafficking….
White Helmets — a spin-off of the Clinton Model of Child Exploitation
The “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA/UÇK) was the Balkan test run for this Haitian and Levantine model by the Clinton blob.
It had all the elements — trade in child sex, organs, fake mujahidin, mind control, drugs, spookery, redrawing borders.
It couldn’t have been done without Miranda Blair’s loyal support.
The next organ trafficking pool for the world to discover in horror is Xinjiang, where the Israelis are happily partnering with the Chinese to exploit the Uyghur population (who likewise are portrayed as all mujahidin now).
Organ Trafficker Apologists

Who Will Run The World?

That building is Breughel’s Tower of Babel, on which the European Parliament building in Strasbourg is deliberately modelled.

Gilad banned for being an anti-Semite


British Labour artcile…
In Islington, you can aff a child’s whatnot in your mouth no problem, but not an anti-Zionist saxophone!

PAISLEY SHERIFF COURT – Wednesday 19th December 2018

Mel Shaw

David Noakes

Sabine Neil


Integrity Initiative & Institute Of Statecraft
The Canary
Chris Williams

Institute for Statecraft slams door in Labour MP’s face


BBC report on weaponised humour


UK Column News – 21st December 2018



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