UKC: Defence Prefect’s Govt. Policy

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Oh but to use as much sexist and misogynist language as one can possibly muster, if only to make a stand for freedom from the tiny minded prejudice politically correct stupid men, women, people and twerps in general that infect my community today.
“You stupid boy!”
Capt. Manwaring, obviously an ist of some kind.

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Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column:

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Gav the chav…

Collaboration with Donnelly?
Defence against organised crime?

Ministry of War: Objectives

Stronger JFC

Massive reorganisation behind the scenes and the offering of a plausible explanation?

Oh no we are not duplicating NATO
Oh yes we are duplicating NATO

It’s Just Business!


Fusion Doctrine
One Public Estate
Carbon emissions cut from public buildings!

How we’re transforming the Government Estate

Euro-Atlantic Security Policy

‘…. complementary to the EU and in respect of NATO’
Me = Joint Unit

Giles Ahern
Simon Jones

Who are these people? What are their allegiances?

Russian nuclear weapons in Crimea, Trump is a bully….

A Daily Integrity Report by the UKC

AVİSA Partners
Journalism or paid for content?

For those getting buffering this may offer a clue, GOOGLE

Sex allegation MP’s return

Belgian PM resigns around migration row

Belgium’s Prime Minister Resigns After Government Collapses Over UN Migration Pact Dispute

Rebrand Santa as gender neutral
Graphic Springs?

Financial bubble?

UK Column News – 19th December 2018



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  1. Mr Dude says:

    That Gavin Williamson is a real gormless fuckwit. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was being paedo blackmailed by MI6. How else could you explain him being Defence Minister? Watch him start pushing for new nukes soon (£110 billion+ – most of which will be Lockheed Martin backhanders). I’m not sure who is the bigger fool him or Fallon his predecessor.

    The Military laugh their tits off at both of them.

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