UK Column Story Integrity Initiative Runs…

This is the Duran YouTube channel reporting on ‘The Integrity Initiative’ and ‘the Institute for Statecraft’, which have been working underground and out of sight, to smear Jeremy Corbyn and
spread anti-Russian, pro-war propaganda through an massive “network of
networks” consisting of journalists, politicians and society

This is a UKC story first broken in a major way 30 November when David Scott wandered up the road to inspect a disused mill….

For some reason, the UKC do not get credit.

The establishment here are concerned about Corbyn. From my experience it is a bit like Tayyip Erdogan coming to power in Turkey; unlikely yet inevitable and the establishment do not know what do to to stop it.

Dem impeachment attorney on Mueller, Ukrainegate, and the case vs. Trump


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    The ‘antisemitism’ campaign against Corbyn is as obvious a Mossad operation as you can get. Netanyahu wants to see the UK continuing the Middle East butchery that began in 2003. The Israelis want another butcher in Downing Street, not a man of peace like Corbyn. The anti-semitism’ card is an old Jewish trick. according to former Israeli minister Shalomit Aloni. ‘We always use it.’ Former Mossad officer, Victor Ostrovsky, admits that almost all Jews are willing to accept a pitch from Mossad. Corbyn will have a hard time fighting the spooks in the Israeli Embassy, not to mention the ‘useful idiots’ in the Labour Party.

    • Tapestry says:

      Nice to see that Trump has dumped on Netanyahu in Syria.

      • NPP says:

        We hope.
        There is a Zionist Trump connection / association. Is it ideological or just business?
        Fantasy politics team: President Trump and PM Corbyn discuss solutions for the Israeli Palestine issue.
        The magic of Trump is you just never know…. he still hasn’t initiated a war, yet Obama received a peace prize. It’s so in our faces I suspect more and more are noticing.
        Let’s remind ourselves Trump just made disparaging remarks about the Fed Res.
        We’ll miss him when he’s gone.

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