Trump’s wall – to keep Americans in.

The wall is the main political hot potato in Washington delaying the resumption of government into 2019, which in turn is being blamed for the Dow Jones Industrial Average tanking in December.

The successful passage of the measure to build the wall and voting it a tiny figure of $5 billion might overcome the current problems, and send markets into reverse.  The manipulators like to send markets both ways in unpredictable ways, so they can keep those they milk making wrong financial decisions, and earning from the falls and the rises.

The wall has been sold on the basis that it’s being put there to stop people from entering the United States, but if the stock market were to tank the whole way in 2019, and set up a period of economic uncertainty, the wall could soon be serving another purpose – that of keeping Americans in and stopping them leaving to live in easier climes further south.  How many will find themselves wanting to run, but unable to get away?

CNN reports –

The House and Senate adjourned Thursday after brief pro forma sessions and made plans to reconvene Monday, essentially punting any action to end the partial government shutdown until next week as negotiators remain far from an agreement.

The halls of Congress were ghost town-esque on Thursday, with the two chambers meeting for only a few minutes each. Only a few lawmakers presided over the brief sessions, while congressional leaders and rank-and-file members were almost entirely absent.
Rep. Mark Meadows, a close ally of President Donald Trump, told CNN’s Dana Bash that negotiations “have not progressed” over the past 24 to 48 hours.
TAP – It reminds you of 2008 when no one could get a call through to George Bush to stop the contagion as the sub-prime crisis impacted.  The politicians know when to lie low – when the financial games are on.  The insiders are all sold and short of stock when the plug is pulled.  They then buy back in at a fraction of what they sold for if they can crash the market.  Quantitative Easing has held up the market since 2008, and that stopped the crash at that time, although millions of people lost their savings.  The QE was halved in October, and the effect will surely be that the crash which was being stopped, is no longer being stopped.  The politicians know their part of the gameplay is to do nothing. Christmas is the perfect time to not be there.  In December the DJIA fell from 26,000 to 22,000 before achieving a record bounce back to 23,000.  10% was wiped off the value of the US economy in one month.  Are they going to carry on with the fun and games in January?  I wouldn’t be surprised.
Gold has strengthened after months of weakness, silver also holding $15 per ounce after visiting $14 not long ago.  If the stock markets falls keeps going, $20 an ounce would seem more like the floor for the metal were it to reclaim its monetary role.  Bits of paper with promises inscribed don’t mean a lot when values are dropping like a stone.  Sometimes the precious metals get dragged down by a stock market crash for a while before they detach and rise.  This time they strengthened from the moment the DJIA started slipping away.  It’s no guarantee as any price of anything can be manipulated, but metal does have some intrinsic value which could be useful if paper starts to issue its real worth.  Silver used to always be 1:15 or so against gold.  Currently it’s 1:83.
I’m not advocating that any of the above should happen, just weighing up the odds.
The progress of industries like fracking and 5G could have more to do with financial scamming than anything else.  The insiders sell out at the top and enjoy the ride to the floor while the environment and peoples’ health and property are destroyed.  No wonder they need a wall to stop the pueblo from running for it.
Trump Tweet –
….The United States looses soooo much money on Trade with Mexico under NAFTA, over 75 Billion Dollars a year (not including Drug Money which would be many times that amount), that I would consider closing the Southern Border a “profit making operation.” We build a Wall or…..
TAP – You think the CIA won’t be able to get drugs in with just a wall in the way?  More likely here is a great way to make markets fall and make his cronies trillions on the fall.



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