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Cuadrilla trigger a 1.5 seismic event
Dave & George said it was good to go 6 years ago
It is important the activist community maintains pressure on:
Greg Clark, Claire Perry, Natasha Engel & co.
Stock price of A.J. Lucas going down the toilet
Increasing concern that corporations are buying legislation
We the judiciary have absolute supremacy over parliamentary law to grant corporations their desires.
Holes dug out for fracking to be later used to bury toxic waste?
IGas Alan Maclean referred to protestors standing on a designated square and banging a tambourine….

Such hubris may come undone.

The Greater the CHAOS … The Greater the OPPORTUNITY!


Same day update…
The aim is to challenge injunctions by IGas to deny protests at their fracking sites.
Corporations go to the Commercial Courts to lobby for legislation that bypasses parliament.
‘Going through the criminal law is not enough to pick people off individually because they would go to the magistrate’s court, receive a £50 fine and be back the next day…’
The costs of civil injunctions are unlimited compared to criminal cases.
The Cost Of Peaceful Non Violent Direct Action
Alan Maclean QC: Protestors should stick to designated areas and bang tambourines!
Peaceful non-violent direct action has in history proved to be a positive thing.
Nuisance and disruption is being made unlawful.
Ian was thanked in court for bringing this case to court.
Incitement compared to encouragement.
Proposal from Paul Powerslan: if you are going to seek an injunction against persons unknown, you must as part of the costs of seeking that injunction, pay for an independent lawyer and barrister to represent the interests of persons unknown in court.

Not My First Rodeo … & Probably Not My Last!



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