Sulphur dioxide spraying in the stratosphere to reduce food output, and lower oxygen levels.

When people get awakened to the truth about what’s happening in our world, they tend to think too small. The truth, it turns out, is much bigger — and much more horrifying — than what almost anyone imagines.

The plan is acid rain, lower oxygen levels and the collapse of plants and crops, through the spraying of sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere.  Reduced sunlight will massively affect health.  No human being would want this, but earth is being terraformed to suit entities that don’t live here – yet, says Mike Adams.  How else can you explain the deliberate polluting of our own atmosphere?  It is not being done to save the planet as they claim.  It’s being done to terraform the planet.  What’s going on?  They are calling it stratospheric aerosol injections….previously known as chemtrails.

Many people realize there’s a battle taking place on Earth right now between globalism and populism. A global cabal of controllers seeks the complete surrender of human freedom and absolute control over all speech, all thought, world “money,” national economies, science, medicine, history and even “truth.” The push for global control over the planet is real, but it’s only the first step in an even bigger plan that’s also under way right now… a plan to quite literally exterminate humanity and terraform the planet to prepare it for a post-human future.

Based on my bombshell story published yesterday that outlines the effort currently under way to terraform planet Earth, I’ve recorded a full Counterthink episode that’s now in production. It will air this Sunday at 6pm central on It will also appear a few days later as a full video on and, so don’t miss it.

In the mean time, I’ve put together a highlight podcast of this important message for humanity. The podcast, available at this link on, explains the motivation behind globalists betraying humanity by terraforming planet Earth to exterminate human civilization.

It also reveals that all of us who are pro-human are not merely in a fight for human liberty and freedom against global tyranny; we are actually in a fight for the very survival of the human race. Defeating the globalists is now a matter of life or death for the entire human race.

This must-listen podcast explains why:

Don’t miss the full, one-hour broadcast video this Sunday at 6pm, Or catch it at a few days later.

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