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Expect chaos!
£1,000+ drones stay aloft 20-30 mins max.
Distance max approx 2km
Ian smelt a smelly rat
Was there a management problem at Gatwick? Deflect from insurance claims?
Invent a drone story…. lay the foundations for future drone control and legislation.
Blame it on an eco-warrior!

Back to fracking.
What will Greg Clark do? Give permission for the next well?
Cuadrilla removed frack kit from Preston Road for fear of a seismic event.
Through my barrister I asked if Cuadrilla were experiencing any problems with the well.
Look beyond the superficial narrative
The establishment are desperately trying to undermine the yellow vest protests and avoid the elephant in the room: the UN treaty on mass immigration signed in Marakesh 11 December committing signatories to open border migration
Savage Javinch MP for Deutsche Bank indicates unfettered immigration into the UK until at least 2025 which will destroy the British economy
60-70% reduction on prices because stores gambled on massive Xmas sales, but too many on zero hours contracts and minimum wage
Economic melt down only be changed by people participating in their governance….



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IGas Real Stock Price 4p


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