No deal Brexit no problem

A managed exit without signing the Withdrawal Agreement – we will still be able to travel to the continent, says John Redwood MP.

One of the sillier Project Fear scares has been that if we just leave the EU there will be no agreements in place to allow planes to fly to and from the EU and the UK.

The Transport Secretary has recently reported that the UK has now concluded all of the third country aviation agreements needed with non EU countries, save four small countries still to be completed. Those agreed include the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Israel.

Within the EU the Commission has made clear that in all circumstances including a so called No deal exit there will be an agreement between the UK and EU after Brexit allowing routine aviation to continue as before between the UK and EU.

Individual member states have also expressed a willingness to put in place any arrangements needed to ensure continuation of air services.

As I have pointed out, leading UK and continental airlines are busy selling tickets for after March29 2019, and have every reason to suppose they will be able to honour those contracts. People can book their business trips and holidays as normal, and expect the planes to fly subject only to the usual things that might delay or lead to flight cancellations which have nothing to do with Brexit.

Some Remain supporters have been worried that somehow it will be more difficult to travel, to visit the continent, to share cultural events or enjoy each other’s facilities and places of interest. There are no grounds to suppose there will be new restrictions. There were no visas required before we joined the EU, and none are likely to be imposed once we leave. Were the continent to refuse to recognise UK driving licences the Post Office will be able to issue acceptable international permits for £10.

John Redwood.

TAP –  A no deal Brexit will sweep in a trade deal with the USA.  That will be just as onerous as anything flowing out of Brussels.  It could, however, mean our Armed Forces are commanded out of Washington rather than Berlin in any future war with Russia, and involve a lot more glyphosate being consumed and other toxic substances already prevalent in US corporate food brands.  Freedom is not on the agenda in trade deals.  Only corporate profits.

Ignore the managed no deal fear-mongering


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