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I was asked today by a local pillar of the community why the government would fake all these shootings, now about one a day. No, I really was. He said it in that tone, you know, as if no one could possibly have an answer to such a question. Apparently, this person couldn’t imagine any possible scenario in which the government might benefit from lying to its citizens. No matter how hard he might try, he couldn’t think hard enough to answer that question for himself, so it was up to me to draw him a picture. It was up to me to do his thinking for him, as usual.

So I am going to make this as simple as possible. I am even going to link you to a funny video on Youtube—an old Monty Python video from the early 1970s. It’s only about 4 minutes long. Go watch it and then come back.

As you saw, it is about a couple of mobsters who go to the colonel on an army base, threatening him with mischief if the army doesn’t pay them off. “Fires happen colonel.” “Suppose some of your tanks started getting broken, troops started getting lost.” But the mafia will provide security, for a fee.

With that in your head, now visit this link to the Detroit News from yesterday, reporting that spending on school security had increased by 12 times in one year, in response to school shootings in Florida, Texas, and other places. In 2017, $2 million in state grants were awarded to area schools for updated security. In 2018, the number increased to $25 million. And that was only 1/3rd of the $75 million requested. You can be sure this is happening all over the country, in school districts coast to coast. So someone is making a fortune selling new security to public schools. Who do you think that someone


is? Could it be the usual suspects? Could it be the PNAC, New World Order goons who started all this with 911—the Cheney/Rumsfeld cabal and all their various cohorts in Halliburton, L3, and a thousand other new security firms? You know it. It’s a multi-billion-dollar business, one completely unknown before 2001. How much security did your schools have, when you were a kid? None? How much did they need? None? How much do they NEED now? None? But that isn’t what the media is telling you, is it?

And who owns the media? Same people, or their cousins. So this is just the old mob protection racket, blown up to monstrous proportions and sold by the government and media itself. And who is paying them for this fake protection from phantom threats? You are, with your new taxes. Your rising local, state, and federal taxes are all being tapped in various ways to deal with this manufactured terror. You may have voted this year for some local initiative tied to this project. Yes, you may have voted to raise your own taxes to pay for this rapine. This is why I have said you are like the chicken plucking itself. I have watched you do it—if not for this then for something equally asinine.

Yes, I considered the possibility you didn’t vote for these things. I considered the possibility those local elections were stolen, like most other elections. So possibly you didn’t vote to pluck yourself: the media just reported it that way. But then I talked to you. You admitted you voted for these things. You admitted falling for all the schemes, and what’s more, when I pointed them out you got angry. . . at me. As if it was my fault you were a born sucker. And there’s more. Even after I proved to you you were a sucker, you still didn’t get the message. You decided to ignore me as if I never existed, and to pretend you never had that conversation with me. And you went right on as before. No, even that is too generous. You didn’t go on as before, you went on with ever greater abandon, blind to and deaf to all sense and reason, as if you preferred being plucked to any other pastime. And your explanation to yourself for this was? Well, what else could you do?

Do I need to answer that for you, too? Or can you figure out a few answers for yourself? Let me give you a hint: there are a lot of things you can do. Thousands of things, most of them which require very little bravery and no risk. But before you do any of them, you have to quit believing what they tell you. They have bluffed you on this question and every other one. So don’t believe there is nothing you can do. Don’t believe you have no power. Don’t believe your actions don’t matter. Don’t believe there is no going back. Don’t believe you are living in a hologram. Don’t believe your memories are false. And don’t believe anything the mainstream media tells you. Do not give them your money, do not vote for them, do not work for them, do not work with them. JUST SAY NO.

You will say that is all fine and dandy, IF the school shooting are fake. But if they are real, then I am wrong. We do need the security in that case. Yes, that’s true, so someone had best research the school shootings and discover if they are real. Right? Or should we just assume they are real because the media sells them to us? Do we have any reason to trust the media? No. Do we have any reason to distrust the media? Yes. So I guess we better do our own research, eh? Well, as it turns out, I have done that research, and the news is bad. The shootings I have researched are all faked. Don’t believe me? Then you are free to do your own research. But you will find the same thing I did.

As a short-cut in your research, you may want to start with airport security, which is easier and quicker to gloss. They sold that one to us much quicker, because we were stupider back then. They only had to create a few fake airport incidents in order to sell us the TSA and all that fake security. We didn’t know what a fake event was back then. But since people started to get suspicious in about 2005 or so, it has been much harder for them to sell the newer casino security, school security, store security, sporting event security, etc. Whereas they only had to run about one fake airport or airplane story every few

months from 2001-2008, say, they now have to run a fake mass shooting about once a day. That is how the story has accelerated. So if you want to make it easy on yourself as a researcher, I suggest you go back and take a close look at airport security, and at the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, and those guys.

I know, the names alone are a giveaway now, aren’t they? It was a joke from the beginning, but somehow most people didn’t get the joke back then. Maybe you can get it now, that you are so much smarter. The underwear bomber? You have to be kidding, right? I am just surprised we didn’t get a bra bomber or a diaphragm bomber. The underwear bomber just happened to be the son of a high- ranking African banker and diplomat, but that isn’t suspicious, is it? Wikipedia admits he is one of the richest men in not only Nigeria, but in all of Africa. He is a former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and a Federal Commissioner for Economic Development. He has also run several large oil companies, including Agip and Incar. The underwear bomber himself was a “gifted” student in advanced classes, and he attended University College London. He has a degree in mechanical engineeering, which is a tough degree. He was also working on a masters degree in international business in Dubai when he was called to this project. So, that story is blown. There is no chance such a person would try to sneak a bomb on a plane in his pants, or that he would be successful. While there is a 100% chance he was planted in this story by his family, to help sell airport security.

What about Richard Reid, the shoe bomber? Well, to start with, that isn’t a Muslim name. Reid is from London, and was born there. Both Reid and Hughes—his mother’s maiden name—are peerage names. There are about 700 Reids and 1000 Hughes in the peerage, and those two families are closely related there. His parents’ names are Lesley Hughes and Colvin Robin Reid, and I suggest you chew on them a while. Do you taste any Muslim or terrorist residue in those names? No. They are upperclass names, all of them. The mainstream tells us Reid’s mother is English and his father is part Jamaican:

OK. Have you ever seen a Jamaican man? How about an English woman? Would they have a child who looked like that? No, that’s some strange Jewish/Indian/Russian/Monster mix like we saw with Penn Jillette, indicating the story we are told is another bold fraud. I suspect that is just a photo of some actor they hired, but if that is really Richard Reid, I would like to see what his English mother looks like.

We are told this 6’4”, 220lb Reid was restrained by “throwing water in his face”, and using “plastic handcuffs, seatbelt extensions, leather belts, and headphone cords.” Yeah, sure they did. Did


airphones have cords in 2001? No. So I guess someone just happened to have an old rotary phone in his carry-on luggage. Or do they mean those little music headphones some flights give you with a movie? With those tiny cords you couldn’t restrain a mouse with? The guy who had the rotary phone in his luggage also had the plastic handcuffs, I guess, just in case. . . well, you know. We aren’t told whether these handcuffs had fur on them.

We are told the plastic explosive hidden in Reid’s sole didn’t ignite due to the rainy weather or “his foot perspiration”. Really? So was it raining inside the terminal, or inside the airplane? And I encourage you to try to sweat so much from your feet that you fill up your soles with water. That would be pretty hard to do, right, since 1) your soles are not hollow, 2) your soles are plastic or rubber, and don’t soak up perspiration. Besides, the explosives themselves were plastic, which isn’t affected by water. The only thing that would be affected by water is the match, and Reid must have sweated a hell of a lot from his feet to soak the match in his waist pocket.

Here’s another thing no one else has noticed. Wikipedia publishes a picture of the shoe he was allegedly wearing.

OK, Sherlock, what’s the problem there? Study it and get back to me down below.


They give you the problem, which is the measuring stick. They didn’t have to include that, but they did, blowing their own story. According to that stick, the sole of the shoe is a little over 12 inches. It goes a half inch past the end, but starts a half inch forward of zero. Even worse, the foot casing (without the sole) is about 10.5 inches, which means the size of the shoe is about 9 or 9.5. And yet we are told Reid is 6’4” and 220lbs. So he should be wearing about size 12 (or larger). Men that size do not wear size 9 shoes.

This fake story is why you have to take your shoes off at the airport. It is one of the reasons you have to stand in line for 30 minutes instead of going directly to your gate, like you did before 911. It is why you have to have to be harassed by fat and ignorant TSA employees, and why you have to be irradiated by dangerous machines. It is why you have to pay for this privilege of being harassed, both in higher federal taxes and higher airfare. It is all so that some people who were already rich to start with can get even richer. And if you get steamed at the airport and have to take anti-depressants, anti-anxieties, booze or tranquilizers, they love that, too, since they own those companies as well.

Since both the underwear bomber and shoe bomber are said to be serving time in ADX Supermax prison in Colorado, we know without further study that place has a fake wing.

Therefore, we know without further study the entire airport security project is a vast hoax. If they had real terrorists trying to get on planes, they wouldn’t have to come up with these fake ones, would they?

You see how efficient that was? Took no time at all. So your excuses that you don’t have time to pull apart these messes holds no water. It actually takes almost no time or effort at all. It can be done in an afternoon. In the time it takes for you to watch a football game or some Hollywood propaganda movie, you can get to the bottom of one of these hoaxes. Extrapolating from just a few of these, you can figure out that all similar ones are hoaxed, which should make you suspicious of just about everything you are told by the mainstream. You can then reorder your life based on that knowledge.

by Miles Mathis

First published November 26, 2018


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