Macron, the French Blair, bringing in global corporatist agenda.

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National sovereignty is being attacked in all countries by the corporations, who want the populations available to exploit and manipulate.  France is fighting back, trying to stop the destruction of its culture.  Many more details given by Ian Crane talking from his car – as it’s raining.

Macron trying to destroy French farmers markets.

Criticism of the migration agenda becoming hate speech.  Migration being used to break down the original national cultures.

Suppression of effective cancer cures.

(Brexit not happening.)

The hydrocarbon agenda is set to destroy our living environment.

Why don’t the British take to the streets too?

Why are French Police refusing to beat up their own kinsmen – because they too are affected by these agendas.

Don’t be had by the ‘conspiracy theory’ brush off.


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  1. Cobalt says:

    He’s right.

    Too many people in this country suffering with chronic apathy.

    *wields virtual sledgehammer to knock some sense*

    – Cobalt

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