It’s time to drop the term ‘capitalism’.

Capital concentrated in too few hands is evil. Capital spread around the population in freely operating hands is good. The term capitalism does not define the use capital is put to. Capital is either concentrated for the few, making everyone else into slaves, or it is made widely available – very different outcomes from capital availability. Both are ‘capitalism’. Capital in short is not an -ism at all. How you use capital is the -ism.

Corporatism means concentrating wealth into few hands. ‘Humanism’ means allowing ordinary people to access and control capital. Are there any other terms for this, other than humanism? I don’t see any. Private enterprise? Corporatism and private enterprise are two choices within capitalism, both with very different destinations. You can’t have both.

Capital is the resource which can be used in the two different ways, with humanity ending up slaves on the one hand, or free on the other. Enterprism might be a useful term to have up our sleeves to differentiate two forms of capitalism. Capitalism isn’t a useful term in this debate at all, as it lumps the two outcomes together as one. Corporatism is clear enough in its aims – universal slavery. Enterprism creates universal liberty, and is the missing term, to be used as the alternative to corporatism. Enterprism and corporatism are the two versions of so-called capitalism and they are totally different, being polar opposites. It’s time for free people to drop the term capitalism. It’s a term of the slave owners who want free use of money and capital to be taken away from us.

Marxism is simply another form of corporatism. The only version of capitalism they want to be rid of is enterprism, and we don’t even have a word to describe it. That’s how slavery is created – by defining the world through removal of words, so freedom has no language. To fight back first we need a word. Why don’t we use ‘enterprism’? It’s time to park the word capitalism.  It is used by corporatists as a cloak for their true intentions, allowing them to masquerade as enterprists.



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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Spot on Tap

    Corporatism took over from Enterprism in the 19thC, at latest. What they now call Capitalism is actually Monopoly Finance Corporatism in practice.

    The key word is “Monopoly”. The Corporatists never discuss, or admit, that. But that’s what they all want and they always get. They claim to “compete” with one another but that is simply not true anymore. Their “competition” is for show only. They use cartels in every industry to avoid real competition and to screw the consumer.

    “Finance” is also important. It is a licence to print money, literally. The Corporatist Banksters issue debt, literally out of thin air, and charge us all interest, at absolutely penal rates, for the privilege……

    It is very clever and their BS is swallowed hook, line and sinker by the masses

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Pete. Enterprism has to be stopped or the cartels would lose their market share. By permitting left wing thinkers to lump capitalism and enterprism into one they can advocate the crushing of freedom.

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