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IGas QC Alan Maclean proposed injunction should be left in place.
Mr Justice Morgan is the go-to guy for corporate supra-parliamentary quasi-legal legislation…
IGas granted injunction for three exploration sites

Total costs against Ian R. Crane was £3,000, not the much greater cost sought by IGas
Acknowledge tremendous support from Misson community in bringing this injunction challenge.

IGas can’t find the Bowland Shale.
May be the protestors have stolen it!
Have IGas successfully drilled down to 3300m?
3300m in 21 days is extraordinary drilling.
85.3p stock price
The ‘real’ stock price is little over 4p.
A.J. Lucas stock 25 Australian cents

For your entertainment: IGas stock forum:

EU. Belgian PM resigns. Election. UK media?


Run FRACKER, Run FRACKER, Run Run Run ….

I smell a massive dying Rat … as iGas claim they have FAILED to locate the Bowland Shale after drilling a 3,300m well in just 21 days!!!
Meanwhile, CUADZILLA remove FRACK PUMPS and the Frackmaster Control Unit from Preston New Road, after having triggered 57 seismic events, including a 1.5ML on Tues 11th December 2018.
The Fat Lady is well on her way to take the stage as the UK Mother-Frackers desperately try to convince their mug-punter investors to keep throwing money down their respective Black Holes!



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Tambourine QC Alan Maclean

Tambourine QC Alan Maclean


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