Happy New Year TAP 2019

How long will May last?
Will Corbyn become UK PM?
If Brexit is not properly implemented, will the 52% react and to what extent?
Will Trump continue to amaze and amuse?
Will the cases of David Noakes, Melanie Shaw and Sabine McNeil, all locked up in UK prisons for daring to seek cancer remedies and blow the whistle on child violation, see further developments?
Has Israel over played its hand? Accusing Jeremy Corbyn of being an ‘effing racist and anti-Semite sums up the ridiculous situation Zionism has reached.

Anything else TAP readers might suggest?

I know TAP, a tad abstract. It’s art innit!



3 Responses to “Happy New Year TAP 2019”

  1. Cobalt says:

    Things feel like they are accelerating.
    In a good way … bad way…?

    TPTB with their daft agenda are actually shooting themselves in the foot as they are waking people up.

    I just hope enough people wake up before these sociapathic and clearly clever, but wreckless [sic], people go too far.

    I can certainly see outside influences getting involved 2019/2020… not a prediction either. Most recent was Gatwick drone-gate. Why wasn’t a certain South African jet that was meant to land not mentioned in the news? Go look.


  2. Tapestry says:

    Melanie Shaw.

    We are very fortunate to enjoy the services of a resident artist of such quality Ned. Long may you stay!

    Now the autobiography is pretty much finished I hope to be back on here each day as before, seeing what readers are sending in, and what the alternative news community is saying.

    What was thought outrageous ten years ago is now considered normal. Questioning the mainstream narrative is second nature. There’s further to go, and a whole new world to create, or rather an old world to rediscover, the way humanity was thousands of years ago, when we were aware. Primitive we were not. Our knowledge was crushed and destroyed by powerful agencies who wanted us enslaved forever. Yet knowledge cannot be destroyed, only hidden, where it can always be rediscovered.

  3. NPP says:

    Typo corrected!!

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