For Sale: Beachfront Property, Central Birmingham.

Embrace the chaos!

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Embrace the chaos to come in 2019
Drone-less Dronegate drama at Gatwick
If people did see a drone, it was possibly the Sussex Police drone.

Another year combatting 5G which will affect the whole country starting with cities.
Mark Steele has raised 5G concerns with MI6 to look at Chinese technology being introduced throughout the country
Donald Trump has made a similar observation and put a block on further Chinese technology in the US
There may be negative health impacts with 5G including cancer

Big pharma and the establishment have been in over drive to prevent effective cancer treatments from reaching the market
…. if you believe the story of Dr. Jeffery Bradstreet and suicide, Ian has some nice beech front property in central Birmingham you might be interested in buying….

Fracking looks to be at an end….

The Gatwick DRONE … there is way more to this than the Management of Gatwick Airport want you to know!

2018 … HUMANITY Steps Up!


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Corporatism Is Not Capitalism


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