Dow Jones Industrial Average tanks 15% since beginning of December

Is this the long awaited fall pursuant to the reduction in the rate of quantitative easing by half in October 2018 worldwide?
The top reached by the DJIA of 26,500 is now well past with the index hitting 22,400 on Friday.  The line is descending so fast that by the end of March, the level could be 14,000.  The final bottom could be 80% from the top at around 7,000.  That would be a proper stock market crash if it occurs.  Is 2019 to be the year of financial extremes?
Strange how it’s coming in so fast while all eyes are on Christmas, Brexit and anything else they can use to distract the plebs from noticing what’s going on.
Commodity index is falling fast too but from much lower level.
The DJIA is at an all-time high with plenty of scope to fall.
Gold is looking strong during December, and silver too has perfumed well.
Paladium is shooting to the stars.
Maybe its time to get some precious metal if you don’t have any.
Silver has the most ground to cover after suffering the biggest falls.
In the UK you pay VAT on silver bars but not on coins.
The VAT won’t matter much if silver were to double during the year.

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