Deep State plans more chaos for 2019

A week ago we had drone gate at Gatwick.  Everyone knows there was no drone.  Everyone knows the media was lying.  Police are now admitting there was no drone.  This enabled many people to awaken their minds and see that we live in a state of permanent deception from our trusty media.

A big challenge for 2019 is to raise awareness of the dangers of 5G.  Mark Steele has shown how Gateshead Council are trying to gag him.  Yet he carries on talking about what he knows – increased suicide rates and birth deformities.  He’s back in court soon appealing against his criminal conviction with proper legal representation.  5G is targeting the cities first and foremost.  MI6 are also looking at the introduction of Chinese communications technology associated with 5G as a security threat to he country.

Fracking is a serious threat to people within range of a gas drill.  5G on the other hand is a threat to the whole population.  Firemen will not attend sites where 5G is present – as they become aware of memory loss, lack of sleep and other serious health affects.  A phone mast is permitted development so there is no need for planning permission.  All they need is access to the land.  These can be 75 feet in an urban area and 85 feet in a rural area.

5G has a great risk of cancer.  Gateshead has set up its own funeral service, as the suicide rate rises.  One in three people will get cancer, it is forecast.  By 2025 this will rise to 1 in 2.  The driver of the greater rate of death will be 5G.

Check out Mark Steele’s website

Also Brian Snelgrove

GCMAF can reboot the human immune system, and coupled with changes in diet can cure cancers in thousands.  David Noakes was providing GCMAF free of charge to 150 people who were being cured.  He’s now in jail.  Cancer Research Charities are receiving 1 billion pounds a year and making sure nothing comes to market which can challenge the supremacy of chemo and radio therapies, which are massive worldwide revenue streams.  The BBC did not report the David Noakes case correctly.  This needs researching.  Noakes is rotting in Wandsworth Jail.  He’s the lucky one.  In the US doctors who cure cancer are murdered by the cabal.  Dr Geoffrey Bradstreet was raided and murdered as he found GCMAF was also curing Autism as well as cancer.  The money being made by autism and cancer is so vast.

Cannabis was made legal in 2018,but the type made available on the market has minimal effect.


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