Adams theorises that humanity is to be exterminated.

Let’s begin by considering the global convergence of the following 12 events and trends:

1) The desperate effort by globalists to end all national sovereignty, erase all borders and flood the world’s wealthy nations with Third World migrants and violent criminals who will can’t help but vote for authoritarian tyranny. (Which, not coincidentally, is exactly what they are fleeing in their home countries.)

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2) The aggressive ramping up of efforts to disarm all law-abiding citizens while granting legal immunity to violent illegals. Why would a rational society want to take guns away from those who use guns to prevent violence, all while granting legal immunity to the criminal class that uses guns to commit violence?

3) The “blowout” economics of endless money creation, now combined with the sudden squashing of debt leverage by raising interest rates among central banks. The combined effort to first create easy money, then to slam the brakes and collapse that easy money, is not an accident. It has a specific purpose.

4) The terraforming of planet Earth with “stratospheric aerosol injections” that mainstream scientists now admit is a form of geoengineering designed to alter the chemistry of the atmosphere and reduce the intensity of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. Importantly, this action would also collapse global food production and sharply reduce the level of oxygen in the atmosphere, making the planet increasingly inhospitable to humans.

5) The increasing talk by cultural leaders and thought leaders about escaping Earth and colonizing Mars, presumably because they believe Earth will not survive as a habitable planet for much longer.

6) The rapid acceleration of cultural attacks on fertility, masculinity and male biology, almost as if everyone has been ordered to declare sperm to be evil and children to be toxic to the world. Canada’s government, for example, has recently declared that giving birth to a living human child is a threat to the sustainability of the planet. The LGBT agenda to erase the concept of male biology and rewrite biological science is also part of this effort.

7) The global installation of 5G cell towers that have the capability to track and irradiate specific human targets while subjecting entire cities of human populations to high-energy radiation that causes brain tumors.

8) The complete transformation of the food supply from something that once nourished humankind to a vector for the mass poisoning of humankind. Similarly, the corruption of language (words, “facts,” reason, etc.) has also transformed words from something that used to inform the mind into something that now poisons the mind.

9) The utter collapse of logic, reason and rationality, to the point where nearly half the population of America’s youth now believe that men can get pregnant and that chromosomes have nothing at all to do with gender. The very ability of mankind to reasonis under constant attack and now all but obliterated.

10) The increasing celebration of Satan and death, including Planned Parenthood abortion centers and Satan-worshiping religious movements. Even the Vatican is now lead by an agent of Satan, and numerous churches have been transformed into anti-Christian, pro-globalism obedience training centers.

11) The increasing concentration of all power and influence into the hands of the few, from search engines and online censorship to media publishers and government bureaucrats. Nearly every single thing the people of the world now see, think, believe or consume is controlled by a shockingly small number of companies and individuals who rule through deception and predatory monopolistic practices.

12) The sense of panic and urgency among globalists to defeat nationalism, free thinking and individual liberty, almost as if they are in a race to enslave the population of the planet before some ominous, looming deadline.

With the above observations in mind, what pattern explains them all?

Ask yourself what agenda would pursue the pattern of events unfolding now across our globe

Inescapably, a core feature of everything happening today is an anti-human agenda to exterminate humankind. Every major trend taking place today is preparing humankind for a mass extermination event, making sure humans cannot fight back, think for themselves or even reproduce. With the food supply poisoned, male biology attacked and nullified, and even the power to think systematically compromised, the human race has been turned into a slave farm of obedient sheeple, ready to be harvested or eliminated for reasons that are further explored below.

Underscoring the truth about this globalist agenda, the NYT published an editorial a few days ago that argued the extinction of humankind would be a good thing because it would stop so-called “global warming” (another incredible hoax perpetrated by the media). The article, entitled, “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?“, lays the groundwork for justifying the mass extinction of humankind in the name of environmentalism. The article quite literally says, “If this were all to the story there would be no tragedy. The elimination of the human species would be a good thing, full stop.”

Ask yourself this question: Who or what would pursue an anti-human agenda for our planet? Your answer is found in that question, because the answer is most definitely nothuman.

No human being would deliberately poison planet Earth, compromise the human race and turn free thinking individuals into a slave race of obedient sheeple. Even insane, authoritarian tyrants still need large populations of humans to order around and exploit for their own gain. Even despots, in other words, still need humanity to survive. Yet whatever is targeting human civilization today has no interest in the sustaining of the human species. This is not about ruling humans but exterminating them.

I’ll repeat that because it’s important you consider the ramifications of what you might be coming to realize. Whatever entity is targeting human civilization has no interest in the survival of the human species. They are, in essence, at war with humanity, and they have profoundly influenced cultural and political events in order to turn humanity against itself.

If they place no value on the survival of the human species, you might ask what else they see as having value on planet Earth that’s worth fighting to own.

You’ve already found your answer: Planet Earth.

Why Earth has value to powerful, evil entities, even if it means that enemies of humanity exterminate the planet’s dominant life form

From a cosmic point of view, Earth has tremendous value. It is a water planet that sits at just the right distance from the sun to support carbon-based life. It has a rare orbiting moon, which provides an astonishingly important influence on the diversity and sustainability of life across the planet (ocean tides are far more important than you might imagine).

Earth is rich in minerals that are difficult to acquire from other sources, and minerals have universal cosmic value to any civilization because they are the materials out of which all things are made. Rare Earth Metals, as the namesake implies, are elements found across the planet which have especially high value in physics and chemistry due to their atomic properties. These properties are universal and are recognized everywhere in the universe, for every intelligent civilization, simply due to the laws of physics. Neodymium atoms are neodymium atoms everywhere, even in other galaxies, and these exotic elements are necessary components of advanced technologies.

Learn about the uses of dysprosium, erbium, ytterbium, promethium and other rare elements, and you will begin to understand the universality of atomic elements and why they matter to all advanced civilizations in the cosmos.

Finally, Earth is a treasure trove of genetics, diverse life forms, the natural synthesis of incredibly useful molecules throughout the natural world, and home to multiple sentient species including elephants and whales, both of which currently demonstrate vastly superior intellect compared to humans. Earth’s sun is also relatively stable and has a few more billion years of life left in it, making Earth a reliably warm planet that supports liquid water and strong diversity of life.

Yet despite all these extraordinary, cosmic advantages, human beings have only recently achieved a level of technological sophistication that has enabled humankind to threaten the future of all life on planet Earth. Humans are now systematically poisoning the world’s oceans, soils (, rivers, forests and air. This, from the point of view of non-Earth observers, means they believe humanity is a threat to Earth and its natural resources.

(TAP – These actions are not human but corporate.  The corporations are controlled from behind the scenes, at the top, not by the minions.)

Observers conclude that humans have proven themselves to be a threat to planet Earth

Even more alarmingly, humans have constructed thousands of poorly designed nuclear power plants that run on uranium and plutonium fuel rods which are kept in check by a delicate array of electronics that can all be wiped out by space weather phenomena such as a solar flare. In a split second, every control board that prevents every nuclear power plant from going into a meltdown would be fried, unleashing a wave of global nuclear meltdowns on almost every continent, contaminating the surface of the planet for centuries (if not millennia). The half-life of cesium-137 is 29 years, and it takes ten half-lives — almost three centuries — for it to be considered sufficiently gone from the environment. Half-lives of other radioisotopes of uranium and plutonium are far longer.

At the same time the human race constructed a global network of death-dealing nuclear power plants, it also began the mass global spraying of food crops with toxic neurological poisons known as “pesticides.” These neurological poisons now inundate not only the food supply but also the biosludge that’s spread on crop lands. From there, it washes into rivers, streams and oceans, causing the mass contamination of the world with neurological destroyers that are already causing a devastating wave of dementia and Alzheimer’s among humans. Other agricultural chemicals like Atrazine cause mass disruptions of the hormone balance of non-human life forms, including amphibians.

There are over a hundred “dead zones” in the world’s oceans thanks to human activity. Almost all of this is due to the use of agricultural chemicals. At the same time, humanity is utterly obliterating honey bee pollinators through the global deployment of neurotoxic chemicals. Pollinators are the pillar for not just the global food supply but also the survival and adaptation of pollen-bearing plants. The human-led assault on pollinators is an attack on the very sustainability of life on Earth.

To top it off, humans have also built and installed tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, any one of which could cause global environmental devastation if detonated by accident (or on purpose). Any nuclear exchange between warring nations would devastate not just most human life on the planet, but would also compromise animals, plants and microbes for millennia to come.

Humans now have the capability to destroy a world whose natural wealth vastly outweighs the perceived “value” of the human species as a whole, from the point of view of non-human observers. They may place some token value on the human species, but they undoubtedly place a much larger value on all the properties and assets that exist across planet Earth… a planet that humans are now threatening to destroy through incompetence, war or suicidal neglect.

Their justification for “saving the world” by exterminating what they see as the greatest threat to the planet

Here’s the inescapable conclusion you’ve probably arrived at yourself: Somewhere, a decision has already been made to eliminate humankind in order to quite literally save the planet. Humans have proven themselves to be foolish, even treacherous stewards, the thinking goes, of a cosmic jewel that can no longer be allowed to be threatened at the hands of a dangerous infant human civilization that even non-humans fully realize is run by lunatics and fools with names like “Macron” and “Gore” and “Bush.”

The planet is too important, in other words, to allow humans to destroy it. Thus, there is a belief among observers that humans must be eliminated for the cosmic good. This is not my position, by the way. This is the inescapable thinking of others who are observing humankind and witnessing what humans have done to the planet so far.

Everything you are now seeing unfold across the planet is either:

1) Events that further demonstrate how humans are destroying their own world and must be eliminated.

2) Part of a complex, global plan to strip all power from humanity for the purpose of achieving efficient extermination.

Global leaders believe they will be spared if they obediently turn over the human race for systematic extermination. This is why so many globalists now openly discuss “depopulation” as a way to save the planet. They aren’t lying. This is exactly what they’ve been told must happen. The NYT is now openly arguing for the planned extermination of humanity, remember. This plan is no longer a fringe theory; it’s now a mainstream view from liberals and establishment scientists.

The destruction of national sovereignty, the disarmament of citizens and the attacks on logic and reason — the foundations of liberty — are all intended to place humanity under the control of a global authority so that it can achieve efficient extermination of the human race. This global authority — the United Nations — does not represent the interests of humankind. It asserts power and influence to depopulate the planet and exterminate humans. This is precisely why, for example, UN-approved vaccines administered to young women in Kenya have been scientifically verified to contain spontaneous abortion chemicals that cause long-term infertility.

To repeat, the goal of the United Nations has, for many years now, been to enslave the humanity race to a global authoritarian tyranny that will allow for the efficient extermination of the human race, thereby “saving” the planet.

Earth’s world leaders, in other words, are now serving the interests of parties who are not human. In an upcoming article, I will discuss the three possible interface vectors by which non-human entities are interacting with — and influencing — human world leaders. Those three vectors are: 1) Demonic possession, 2) AI infiltration, 3) Human impersonation.

Global wars and strife are intended to create global chaos, out of which the UN will assert global authority to oversee humankind’s efficient extermination

The ramping up of global conflicts — Ukraine, Russia, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Syria, Israel, France, etc., is all about creating global chaos and war. This, combined with a planned global economic “reset,” will have the world’s citizens begging for a new world order to “save them” from destitution and conflict.

The New World Order (NWO), of course, has been aggressively pushed since the 1980s, when even Bush Senior openly spoke about bringing Earth under the control of the NWO. Today’s extreme attacks on President Trump are being waged precisely because nationalists like Trump delay the NWO enslavement plan, interfering with the globalist agenda to completely enslave (and exterminate) humankind.

Most of the people waging that war on Trump, of course, have no idea they are working toward an anti-human agenda. Vaccine propagandists are told they’re “saving lives,” and left-wing journalists are told they’re “resisting fascism.” In reality, they’re all unknowingly working for an anti-human agenda that seeks the total destruction of the human race, but they have no knowledge of their role in achieving that outcome.

Even anti-gun activists like David Hogg have no real idea that the disarmament of humankind is a necessary precursor to the planned, efficient extermination of humans. Clueless anti-gun propagandists like Hogg think they’re saving lives, when in reality they are prepping humanity for mass genocide on a cosmic scale. Even the citizens of Venezuela who gave up their guns to support “peace” have come to realize that the horrific government tyranny which now exists in Venezuela would never have been possible if the citizens had maintained possession of their firearms. They gave up their gun rights, then their government became the enemy. And now they have no means of defeating that tyranny and restoring the rule of law. Thus, they starve to death and flee their homes as corruption, disease, violence and lawlessness takes over.

Venezuela is the model for the United States of America if the American people give up their guns, by the way. Disarmament is the first step to authoritarian control, after which governments always become weaponized against the people. See for daily coverage of gun rights and self-defense.


How death will likely come for the human race

The planned extermination of the human race will likely be carried out through multiple vectors, some of which have already begun:

1) A global collapse of the food supply, followed by mass starvation and disease.

2) A global economic collapse that also leads to destitution and disease.

3) The mass chemical alteration of human fertility through exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals in the food supply.

4) The mass poisoning of humans through toxic food herbicides, pesticides, medicines and vaccines.

5) The coordinated dumbing-down of the population through multi-vectored exposure to 5G cell towers, brain damaging aspartame chemicals, vaccine adjuvants that cause mini-lobotomies, and the continued mass fluoridation of public water supplies.

6) Planned mass poisoning of food crops through the use of applied “biosludge” (biosolids) which concentrate toxic chemicals, viral strains and deadly superbugs, then dump them on food crop soils all across America. See the shocking film “Biosludged” at

In addition to these five vectors, we will also likely see the release of a genetically engineered bioweapon or a swarming nanotechnology “grey goo” that selectively targets humans. No human will be spared for the simple reason that the human race has been condemned in the way a city inspector might condemn a dangerous, decrepit building and schedule it for demolition.

TAP – The harvesting of humanity is nothing new.  WW1. WW2, Spanish flu, AIDS and hundreds of events demonstrate intention to kill large numbers of humans, if you are able to follow the logic off those who point out these are not chance events.  We used to talk of population control being a reason for war and economic events, but is Adams right and permanent extermination is the aim?  Is the human crop no longer useful to the farmers?

There is life after death (I cover this topic in my coming autobiography – Angels And Devils – My Extraordinary Life due out by the end of February).  Is the crop we provide in fact one of traumatised souls who can’t work for good in the after life, and which are feeding the needs of the entities by suffering distressed states in death?  These distressed deaths are created mostly from once contented lives.  This might be a clue as to the true purpose of human existence – a battle between contentment and discontent.  I don’t think we can know what the final account or battle is all about, except it is between good and evil.  Can we live and die in contentment and go to rest in that state?  If we can, we can still influence events after death.  But if we are earthbound and in distress, we cannot positively influence events.

I don’t think Adams can complete his thesis without looking behind the curtain of bodily death.  He is locked into a Christian mindset which is really a Roman mindset.  Nowhere in the bible is slavery criticised, or war, or pedocrime.  Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, it says.  The bible was written by the bankers.  Look into your soul for the real answers.  And listen to your dreams, or even occasionally to the sounds of the messages coming from what is called the paranormal, but which is fact is the normal, just removed from our sight.  In the depth of our soul lies our strength not in our physical being.


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