Worth Breaking The Law To Save Lives? Absolutely, your Honour!

Ian R. Crane explains how David Noakes did generate some £millions during his GcMAF manufacturing business. It is not against the law to make money. Noakes was previousşy making substantial money as a banker and gave that up to produce GcMAF. It would appear people actually benefited from his enterprise. What should be addressed is that there is an arcane 1939 Cancer Act which only serves the gate keepers of a multi-million industry, not the general public.


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Case will continue Monday and Tuesday
Crucial moment when David asked….

A flagrant disregard for the law?
Authority does not want its authority undermined.
Not a court of morality. It is a court of law.
Our legal system about 140 years ago was acknowledged as the undoing of God’s law.
A raft of statutes was put in, above Common Law.
Common Law premise: thou shall do no harm.
The MHRA and the pharmaceutical industry are in the business of doing harm while pretending to be in the business if healing.
The prosecution seek a custodial sentence.
Will the Judge give due consideration to a suspended sentence?
No one wants to address the efficacy of GcMAF…. because, it opens a whole can of worms.
An apparently effective health care product is being kept deliberately off the market.
The MHRA should have been offering support, not hindrance and suppression.
The prosecution are accusing David of beng opportunist in making lots of money and living high on the hog… Note: The term high on the hog refers to the fact that the choicest cuts of pork come from the back or the upper leg of the hog.
David did not help his case by e.g. £800K on a 6 seater executive jet; the fuel consumption made it unviable… plus an old Aston martin, Rolls Royce and £46K yacht have been made much of by the prosecution.
The amount invested into laboratories and the manufacturing process have been played down.
Ian believes David’s motivation was altruistic.
David’s total revenue was barely that of the compensation package of a big pharmaceutical company CEO.
David realised he needed to get into the NHS market and he did so on the cheap? David holds the MHRA in disdain; no matter what he might have done, they would never have sanctioned a license.
A weekend for the defence to compile the final mitigation submission for the judge.
Keeping people in a state of obeyance as David and Lorraine have been for 3-4 years reliant of family and friends, is a form of torture.

Justice Nicholas Loraine-Smith has handled case extremely well.

David gave up a very healthy career and life style with ING Bank.
Thoughts, prayer and visualisations with David and Lorraine.
Regardless, this has given light to GcMAF.

Democracy held to ransom by the corporatocracy.

On The Cusp Of Jail : David Noakes Court Update



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