Wherefore Art Thou Schlumberger?

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Francis Egan whinger of the decade
0.5 Richter Scale previously adequate to the traffic light system
Strangling the fracking industry at birth
Highlights the magnitude of Egan’s ignorance, incompetence, arrogance and hubris.
It costs £94K per day everyday not fracking
On site the oil field service company Schlumberger
Schlumberger greatest level of expertise
Is there a possibility Schlumberger will succumb to pressure?

Halliburton BP Deep Water Horizon disaster…
Halliburton employed by BP to do the cementing of the well
Halliburton were pressurised by company man Donald J. Vidrine into final stage despite not having all the packers needed for the bonding of the cement.
Oil field practice: who ever does the cement job, somebody else does the well integrity test, in this case the cement bond log, in this situation  Schlumberger
Spectrum analysier to detect vibration in well.
Donald J. Vidrine had dispensed with Ronald Sepulveda
Vidrine wanted to make a name for himself by completing the The Macondo well, known as “the well from hell”… due to its construction
Schlumberger advised Vidrine to shut the well in because it was kiciking so badly
Schlumberger’s guys called boss in New Orleans for helicopter to fly them out
The film narrative modified as if the helicopter is on a scheduled crew change…. it was not.
Deepwater Horizon (2016 Movie) Official Featurette – ‘Action’

Schlumberger left at 11 ‘o’ clock, 10 hours and 20 minutes later boom!
Subsequent inquiry by Louisiana coast guard, Schlumberger refused to give evidence, refused to identify engineers on the rig at that time, Louisiana Coastguard denied the power of subpoena by US Senate…
No one from Schlumberger gave evidence…. Schlumberger did not want to spread the dirt over BP and Vidrine

Francis Egan is desperate for Schlumberger to attain gas flow…. are Schlumberger likely to prostitute themselves.

2011 Cuadrilla knew a well had been damaged according to a report by Professor Peter Styles, a former President of the Geological Society of London and Head of Geology at Keele University…



Claire Intellectual Pygmy Perry may have realised she is being set up as the sacrificial lamb… she has said it may be foolish to raise traffic light limit

The unconventional gas industry in the UK is on the cusp of being as dead as the proverbial dodo

Acknowledge Helen Chuntso



Shale Gas Commissioner Natasha Engel with dubious links to Elbit Systems who produce cluster bombs and white phosphorus is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard

Stock price of:
… tanked by 18%
Wensley leased land to Cuadrilla:
…. for £40K / year + £6,500 for every lateral well that goes into production
“… doesn’t matter if Cuadrilla contaminate the drinking water because we’ll be drinking champagne…”

The geology at Tinker Lane and Misson Springs Nottingham even more susceptible to seismic activity.

Cuadrilla, Schlumberger & the Spectre Of DEEPWATER HORIZON

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