Walter Thornhill’s story.

Miles W Mathis dismisses Was Thornhill and The Electric Universe as an ‘deception operation’, so you might like to hear Thornhill talking about his life’s work.

I don’t see him as a deception at all.  In fact the fact that Miles W Mathis labels him as one, is  a good clue that Miles W Mathis is himself less reliable as a source.

Where can you find Miles W Mathis, who also does some excellent work, talking about himself so openly?  Nowhere.

Thornhill’s pace is not fast, but if you are interested in the work he puts out, as I am,  you need to know more about him as a person, and how he came to believe the things he believes.  It all started with Velikovsky.  He talks about suppression of knowledge.

Velikovsky used the example of the mammoths found in Siberia as evidence that the earth had tipped on its axis very suddenly.  There is plenty of evidence on earth of catastrophic inter-planetary events which took place in the last few thousand years.  That’s where Thornhill started his life’s work, becoming aware of these facts, when his father gave him Velikovsky’s book.



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  1. jkick says:

    Tap, talking about suppresion of knowledge, It appears Google haved removed Aangirfan blog.

    Less than 24 hours after this tweet #Trump #BBC #Censorship #FreedomofSpeech #Israel #Netanyahu #Zionism #NWO #UKIP #Brexit #Infowars #TommyRobinson #ArmisticeDay100 #Resist #Nationalism

  2. Tapestry says:

    Why am I not surprised? Aanirfan was the replacement for Aangirfan which got taken down or made unuseable. I am sure she will be back, or he!

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