UKC: The Pearle Oroffice Of Others

The €U-UK military unification Common Purpose, command and control centre agreement 500 pages deal has been completed. All you have to do is market it as Brexit, Remain, in, out, however and whatever you want and works. The BBC, Chatham House, Russiaphobia & so forth with support you…

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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column.


Show notes:
An €U army needs to stand up to Putin if necessary, apparently.
Collapsed national military armies have been on purpose, to create a superstate €U military.
Welcome to the €U Investor Centre.
Stand up to Putin?! How many body bags have you ordered?
Wall of silence on €U-UK military unification in Westminster.
Theresa May has been signing back door deals.
Pathetic MP’s not taking this seriously… because they are none the wiser.
Defence not included within the Brexit agreement.
Command and control is €U central.
Grossly inaccurate, awful advice, lack of detail is being provided within Westminster regarding the military.
Chatham House Sophia Besch: Plugging in the British: EU defence policy:
Plugging in the British: EU justice and home affairs:

500 page deal

Vassal State Stuff
Bollox Johnson: “I want to stay in, I want out, I want in, I want out of the single market…”

Focus on DUP as a tactic to raise question of military union

Trump Tweets to…. Macron

Common Purpose in Libya:

Libya not capable. They need Common Purpose.

Taxation without representation.

Who is Richard Williams?

Common Purpose and the private sector American Express
Positive puff piece coming onto the BBC to promote the Foreign Commonwealth Office

The BBC is utter dross: an inversion of reality.


1971 document

Russia jammed Norwegian GPS, allegedly:



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UKC: Leaking In The Rain:

UKC: Leaking In The Rain


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