UKC: The New Tapestry Of Common Purpose

As I type Remainer Jo Johnson, pretend Leaver Bollox Johnson’s brother, has resigned. Mike Robinson called Brexit a false dawn the day after Brexit and he has been predicting a 2nd referendum for some weeks. There is no intention by the UK governing forces to implement Brexit. Mean while homosexuality is promoted to Scottish school children. Huxley’s Brave New World rolls on….


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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

UK Column News – 9th November 2018


Pre show chat box:
Israeli firm wins UK ‘Battlefield Management Application’ contract


Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Leaked letter

Backstop To Backstop To Backstop

Jeremy …. my name rhymes with ….. ‘unt
Weaving a new tapestry…

UK-French amphibious assault…

Tweet David Davis:


Email to David

NATO Norway ship problem:



Trusted BBC!?

Censorship of dangerous content….

Savage Chavinj

Unpopular Things

Gang Violence is a useful excuse

CCTV Aggression

Yep. Scottie nails it, it’s Opportunistic Use Of their Problems

Due Process In Real Time
You can’t unsee it!


Abuse of boys in Scotland


Bouys nick name?


Courage of Daily Record & abused vicitms


I would like to apologise…. for being forced to apologise.


The Common Purpose Of Abuse

Islington Paedophilia

Fallen Angels

“They must think we came down with the last shower of rain…”

LGBT education in Scotland

Green LGBT

Anonymous researcher…




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