UKC: I Know Nothing

David Noakes: “The €U has the constitution of a dictatorship and laws of a police state.”
The 1948 €U-UK military unification deal has been further agreed while the wall of silence in the UK continues. MP Johnny Manuel Mercer, ex military, apparently knows nothing and blocks Brian on Twitter. Matt Handycock MP does the same with me Brian.
Meanwhile the BBC view vaccine critics as a virus, but enthuse about transgender policy…. yep, the Bolshevik BBC.

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

May to meet Junker

No deal not an option

€U UK military unification not an €U army.
€U not Our Army
Chloe Westley: Britain is locked in
Columnist for Conservative Home

Johnny Mercer has blocked Brian on Twitter
Johnny Manual Mercer “I know nothing…”

Ricard Kemp

Civil Service engine room adhering to 1948 coded language

€uropean Peace feasibility
€uropean Union of Defence
Coded Union of Defence
Civilian Military Security
Unique tools
Lord Tebbit warned David of this….
Non lethal weapons?
Merge military and police

Rubber bullet use indicates new armed police policy coming in…
Operation Temperer

Federica Modigliani is a fellow of the Marshall Plan
The 4th Reich?

Jen SStollenberg
PESCO = fair burden sharing
Unprecedented relationship between SStollenberg and Modigliani
Seemless Overlapping

HM Armed Services completely in bed with the €U via NATO wall of silence

Social media myths must be challenged

€U insignia
Either the badges were off or they weren’t
MP says one thing, MoD another.

David Noakes: “The €U has the constitution of a dictatorship and laws of a police state.”

BBC: all vaccines safe…

Vaccine damages are paid only through the DWP and limited to £140,000. No liability for the vaccine manufacturers.

Transgender friendly Colin

396 scientific research papers published across 229 international medical research journals. These papers document 101 adverse effects of 36


UK Column News – 21st November 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column.



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