UKC: €U Military Schengen 360

Redundant MP’s in denial? We wouldn’t go to war without parliament’s say-so, would we? Free movement? Of the €U military, yes! Some one heard talk of Schengen 360.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Ukraine HMS Echo

UK deploying Royal Navy ship to Ukraine in 2019

Further Integrity Initiative by Edward Lucas

BBC promoting Ukraine needs help

BBC is being increasingly crass in its bias

CEPA = Policy makers & journalists
Radio Free Europe

Four Thirties Plan
The measures agreed to on June 7 in Brussels would reinforce NATO’s presence in a potential European crisis with the deployment of 30 troop battalions, 30 squadrons of aircraft, and 30 warships within 30 days — the so-called “Four 30s” plan.

We, the public, must engage

Marcus Fysh

BBC Kiev

BBC Media Action!

Foreign & Commonwealth Office & US State Dept funded….

Julia Harkin quote….
Juliette Harkin, former BBC Media Action Project Manager and an expert on Syria states..”we [BBC Media Action] worked in 2004 with individuals within the [Syrian] ministry who wanted change and tried to get them to be the drivers of that. All media development work that has been done within Syria has, in my opinion, been predicated upon this idea that there can be change from within – you have an authoritarian regime and you find who the reformers are within that [regime] and work with them”

David Ellis: “If we had 20 million people watching UKC, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

Charitable Soft Power

Franco-British Summit Sandhurst document published
Coordination Centre
Closer single point control subversive of parliament

Redundant MP’s In Denial

Bye bye British armed forces. Allo allo €U military Unification
€U Military Union Schengen 360 free movement of military

David Noakes

GcMAF Genie Out Of The Bottle

Harmaceutical industry strikes again.

Lion air crash

UK Column News – 28th November 2018



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