UK Column News 2018 Thus Far….

If the UK government has substantiated UK-€U military unification, there can be no Brexit. It is unwitting at best, but more likely downright knowing lies. The UK Column News shows have chronicled the on going €U-UK military unification arrangements.

The BBC are, sadly, apparently expensive taxpayer funded propaganda and not serving the public interest; unless, of course, you embrace the anthropological climate scam, the €U scam, gender and identity political correctness, the mass vaccination programmes, the roll out of 5G, fracking, the war and foreign nation invasions scam, the ridiculous Russian-gate collusion Novichuckle scam…. I could go on. Needless to say, I don’t buy these tales and it is unlikely regular followers of TAP blog do either. I can’t do much about it except declare awareness and non consent, but there we go. It is what it is. I’d love to see our MP’s and BBC talking heads visit the UK Column, but am not holding my breath.

Many of the elements involved thus far this year are referenced here:

NPP: UK Column News Gallery till 09.11.2018


UK Column News Archive


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