‘Trade deals’ are power deals.

As if we didn’t know by now, all trade deals signify something else – political deals.

The EU deal being made to collapse will leave Britain with one other option on the table.  This ‘option’ is subtly being lifted onto the agenda.  Trump and Farage and Murdoch are all in on this one.  Hear them talking and read their words.

The much mentioned ‘trade deal’ with the USA is the only other option once the EU Brexit mess delivers nothing at all.

That is the real game here.

What does it mean?

It’s all about war, and power.

If and when NATO is able to trigger a war in Europe using Ukraine as the spark to light the bonfire against Russia, will Britain negotiate as part of the EU?  Or will Britain negotiate from the USA camp?

UK Column keep repeating we will be part of the EU Armed Forces if we are not already.  Our own are being reduced to nothingness as it is.

Is the idea to engineer a military collapse of Britain, allowing Russia as the excuse for Britain to become a military camp of the USA, just as we were in WW2.

The parallels are striking.

The Dad’s Army theme music and intro showed us the NAZI columns marching on Britain, only to be stopped by the trusty Home Guard and Captain Mainwaring.  The only army which actually invaded, however was the US was the USA.  The Germans were just a tease.

Will Russia be the tease this time?  All controlled secretly from Washington, as was Hitler.

Britain will not subjugated by EU bureaucrats, but by USA military and corporate police.

Either way, the prime topic never mentioned as the real agenda, is this –

How will Britain be put under the thumb of world government?

We won’t go the Brussels route, so they’ll get us through the Washington one instead – just as they did in WW2.

Democracy was a sham all along.  I think we knew.

It makes little difference which agency puts us into submission in the end of the day.

Britons will be slaves.

At least we’ve put up some kind of fight albeit against the wrong enemies most of the time.

The Germans would have seen off the bankers had we joined up with them.

Churchill was the bankers’ agent orchestrating our submission, not the freedom fighter people to this day still believe he was.

Notice how the Churchill myth is being repolished in the media.

As the propaganda ramps up in the weeks ahead, whether anti-Russia, or pro-a USA deal, have a smile at least.  And remember how we’ve been conned into it all every inch of the way.

Trump is bloodline via his mother, seed of Caill.  Farage is Yaraech, a Hebrew name of the Orange Order in the South Of France, also bloodline.  Murdoch’s no doubt the same with his Scottish ancestry, although I haven’t looked at him in detail.  The Rothschild usurpers who own the current British Crown tried to run us through the EU, while the original power line of world history is now intervening to move us deeper into their grip the other way, via the USA.  Call it a ‘trade deal’ if you must.

As I wrote for UKIP nearly twenty years ago, who’s kidding us this this time?


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