The Holy State Of Bolshevik

I am baptised Christian Protestant, but only because my grandfather advised my parents it might be politic to do so at the time. Otherwise, I have found organised religion rather absurd; since primary school I remember concluding this was not for me and that by the time I was an adult I fully expected society to have grown up and gotten over this Jesus business. Years later in Turkey Muslims referred to ‘your’ Jesus. I tried to explain it is not ‘my’ Jesus. I am curious as to whether Jesus was and or is the authentic logos, but I’m easy either way; whatever floats yer boat, just do not impose your will upon me if you please. The latest Pittsburgh shooting reminds us that God is an estate agent; it is being pushed as symbolic of increasing mass anti-Semolinaism and Zionist Trump is apparently being blamed for shooting Zionists. How Zionist friendly you have to be I am not sure, but Trump seems to have done much toward that end. It is not enough apparently. A purge is being undertaken against voices deemed unfriendly to Israel…

Hate Speech on Live ‘Super Chats’ Tests YouTube



Adam Green highlights….

Ben-gurion Foresees Gradual Democratization of the Soviet Union

Ben-gurion Foresees Gradual Democratization of the Soviet Union

As Adam points out in this article:
“In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah. Higher education will be the right of every person in the world. A pill to prevent pregnancy will slow down the explosive natural increase in China and India, And by 1987, the average life-span of man will reach 100 years.”


‘The USSR Is Our Second Homeland,’ Said One Kibbutznik When Stalin Died
David Ben-Gurion returned in 1923 from a visit to the Soviet Union and declared: “I am a Bolshevik.” Moreover, many of this country’s early inhabitants were Russian-born. They spoke Russian, read books and sang songs in Russian, and thought and dreamed in Russian. Many of them owed their lives to the Red Army’s war against Nazi Germany. Stalin was considered the father of the victory over Hitler. The Communists here had it easier: All they had to do was listen to Radio Moscow.

457 of 556 of the Bolshevik government, apparently, were indeed….


Adam Green, recently back from a week in Palestine, is being targeted; his private family details apparently made public and Jews on Reddit aiming to take his YouTube channel down. He explains the harrowing experience he is having…
DOXXED and Under Attack!!!


Catholic-Jewish Debate with E. Michael Jones and Chuck Morse
Published on 1 Nov 2018
E. Michael Jones, author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, joins Chuck Morse, author of Left-Wing anti-Semitism, in a debate about Catholic and Jewish views on questions of messiah-ship, revolution, and history.


Still I am perplexed as to how Margaret Hedgehog could call Corbyn a “f—ing racist and anti-Semite” in parliament and get away with it. Was that not hateful? Speech? One rule for us?



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